Are you the new Chief Technology Officer at Pagefreezer?

What we do and why:

  • Millions of conversations are taking place online every minute. And the content of all these conversations is often important and sensitive. Regulations demand accurate recordkeeping of all content, and companies are realizing the value of having access to complete, searchable electronic records—not only for evidence capture and litigation preparedness, but also for greater insight into how and why conversations are taking place.
  • We offer solutions at every stage of the information governance lifecycle (creation, retention, management, and disposal) that archives data in real-time and gives organizations a simple and effective way to search and use it.
  • Pagefreezer’s Social Media Archiving and Monitoring solution enables organizations to create and share defensible records of their social media content, quickly and easily in our dashboard, in real-time—every like, share, edit, and deletion. With added features like sentiment analysis and keyword flagging, our customers can also get insights into the conversations taking place and receive alerts when inappropriate or sensitive information is shared in their platforms, to help them promote and protect their employees, customers, brand, and business.

What’s special about us:

  • Our team is collaborative, proactive, and interesting -- and we care about the right things. We’ve built a culture based on values that mean something to us and we practice them daily.
  • Our compensation is comprehensive, competitive, and includes benefits like extended health insurance, a $600 Lifestyle Spending Account, a $1000 annual learning budget, a Tax-Free Savings Account and a matching Retirement Savings Plan and paid time off. We’ll create a compensation package that you’re excited about together and takes into consideration your investment in the growth of the company.
  • Our track record is strong, our market opportunity is growing, and we’re already providing solutions to some of the biggest companies in the world-- and you'll be helping us accelerate even faster. Come join a sustainably profitable, small company and see the impact of your work.

What our CTO will do:

  • Enable the company to achieve its mission, vision, and goals in a values-aligned way through comprehensive, creative, and measurable strategies, goals, and projects within the Development & Engineering, Systems, Infrastructure & Security, Information Security, and Technical Support teams.
  • Together with our executive team and senior leadership, create and realize the vision for the whole technical function at Pagefreezer, from contributing to the roadmap, to scaling our development, infrastructure, and security, to, ensuring customer issues are resolved, and everything in between.
  • Ensure your teams have everything they need to achieve the highest level of performance, effectiveness, communication, and collaboration (and that they do achieve those levels)
  • Assist your teams in creating innovative business solutions and highly available, self-healing platforms and infrastructure (using best practices) that can handle the massive amounts of our customers’ data as we grow, optimized for high performance, security, efficiency, stability, quality and automation -- using our entire techstack which includes:
    • Python, Java, Go, Chrome, Apex
    • Docker, Swarm (and soon, Kubernetes)
    • Cassandra, Postgres, ElasticSearch, Redis, MySQL, MongoDB (we’re fans of polyglot persistence, and use what makes the most sense for scaling. We have over 50 servers with 20+ services and multiple datacenters to sync…)
    • Tornado, Django, AsyncIO, and Celery
    • Nginx
    • Co-located data centers, AWS, and Google Cloud
    • Zabbix, Sophos XG, Ansible, Ceph, Gluster, Proxmox Hypervisor, Jumpcloud IM, VPN, etc
    • Jira, Confluence, Slack, GSuite, Github, Trello, Microsoft
    • Linux & Mac OS
  • Promote a Values-led working environment that is safe, respectful, diverse, equitable, and inclusive through role-modeling, accountability and support.
  • Instill a culture of security awareness, safeguarding, and compliance with our policies and best practices to maintain Pagefreezer’s customers’ trust.
    • Accountable for security vulnerability, risk, and incident identification, evaluation, management and resolution in all technical areas of the business.
    • Provide input on our security policies, procedures, and training and advocate for their success cross-functionally.
    • Participate in the Security Team, Disaster Recovery Team, and certification and audit process.
  • Collaborate with HR and your leadership to recruit, retain, reward, engage and develop your people and teams through practical talent acquisition, talent management, and talent development initiatives (including workforce planning, onboarding, career pathing, coaching, performance reviews, and more).
  • Manage the tools, stakeholders, trends, best practices, processes, and budget necessary to stay compliant and stable while also leading the curve

What makes you a great fit:

  • Alignment with our Core Values. You’re committed to Values-led leadership.
  • Start-ups and small, growth phase companies are where you love to be -- the “all hands on deck” nature, “figuring things out in flight”, and the building of something big from something small is super fun for you.
    • Specifically, you’ve helped a team deliver or optimize a stable, live product to customers that successfully grew over time.
      • Bonus points if it’s a B2B product, a regtech or compliance-based product, or in the Enterprise Information Archiving industry.
  • Over the last 10 years, you’ve exponentially hired, managed, developed, and scaled SAAS technical teams more than once in a comparable role.
    • Before that, you were a developer, engineer, or architect on a SAAS dev team for a significant period.
    • Maybe you have a degree (or degrees) or other professional credentials that highlight your business or technical expertise, but they’re not must-haves for us.
    • Essentially, you are in the center of a venn diagram of understanding business and excelling at tech.
  • Comfortable running a team working with legacy code while innovating new features using the kinds of tools we listed in our techstack above.
    • Agile and Scrum are a big part of how you organize and enable teams, and you use other tools or frameworks to keep yourself and your teams very organized, efficient, and productive.
    • Big data is an area of expertise, with experience in both datacenters and the cloud.
    • Bonus points if you’re familiar with relying on distributed systems, non-relational databases, microservices and service oriented architectures.
  • Led a team focused on Information Security certification, audits, and compliance. ISO, SOC, GDPR are all known entities to you.
  • High emotional intelligence. You love to build and maintain solid, empathy-based relationships, share knowledge and insights transparently and proactively, negotiate and set expectations clearly, inspire confidence and trust, and connect motivations to vision. You collaborate very well with technical and non-technical stakeholders alike in person, online, or written.
  • Able to work 40 hours a week and either:
    • Authorized to work in Canada (anywhere in Canada works for us)
    • Aspiring to work in Canada and can obtain a work permit (yes, we can help with that)

Piqued your interest? Time to apply!