Are you our newest Senior Software Engineer?

You like a workplace where:

  • Your manager cares about you.
  • Your coworkers are collaborative, proactive, and interesting.
  • Your compensation is comprehensive, competitive, and can include benefits like extended health insurance, a $600 Lifestyle Spending Account, a $1000 annual learning budget, a Tax-Free Savings Account and a matching Retirement Savings Plan and paid time off, depending on your location.
  • Your priorities matter. Career growth? Balancing work and life? Growing your own side-hustle? Helping you live your best life is #goals.
  • Your team cares about the right things. Yeah, our office includes a mountain view, lovable office dogs, free snacks, weekly lunch and fun events to attend, but more importantly, we’ve built a culture based on values that mean something to us and we practice them daily.
  • Your opportunities are numerous -- and you'll be helping us accelerate even faster. Check out some of our recent growth achievements.
  • You're in a niche field, which means the market isn't saturated yet and the opportunities are rife. We're already working with some big names, but we're just getting started.
  • You're providing a meaningful solution to all kinds of businesses, including Fortune 500s, governments, and more.
  • Your diversity is valued. This job is open to anyone authorized to work in Canada, those aspiring to do so who can obtain a work permit (yes, we can help with that), or remote folks who have overlapping windows of time with Vancouver.

You like to spend your time:

  • Working out of our Vancouver office or Remotely as part of our Product Development team on our Social Media product (which is made up of 10 developers, 2 QA, 2 Systems Engineers)
  • Overcoming challenges by producing a solution quickly and iterating along the way
  • Solving business problems quickly and to requirements, while foreseeing possible challenges or limitations and reading “between the lines” of requirements
  • Contributing to, pushing back on, and compromising on requirements in a positive, collaborative way
  • Working on our scalable architecture. We process very large amounts of data and you’ll help us creating, enhancing and maintaining our system.
  • Collaborating with the Front End team, QA team, and Customer Support team on relevant issues and projects
  • Informally mentoring your teammates on how to improve and grow

Your Skills & Experience:

  • 5+ years working as a Software Developer or Engineer on a mixed team of devs, QAs and Sysadmins
  • Solid understanding of the entire software development process (design, development, deployment) and application lifecycle
  • Built a production-quality product relying on distributed services systems that scaled over time to support more clients.
  • Supported and validated your code with unit and functional tests
  • Advanced troubleshooting skills, being able to identify issues in the code and effectively addressing them
  • A love of educating and enabling your teammates to be effective through thorough documentation or presentations on your work
  • A flexible and hands-on attitude, with a patience for context-switching
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English

You’re Confident With:

  • Python, Python Packages and Libraries (specifically Python 3)
  • Service-oriented Architectures and containerization technologies (e.g. Docker)
  • Orchestration technologies (e.g. Swarm, Kubernetes...)
  • Asynchronous tools and frameworks
  • HTTP Protocol and REST APIs
  • Relational and/or Non-Relational Database Technologies. E.g. MySQL, Cassandra
  • Automation tools like Ansible
  • Monitoring, logging, tracing tools such as ELK stack, Telegraf, Prometheus, Jaeger

If this sounds like you, then you're a fit! Time to apply.